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Restoring an antique piece of furniture takes time, patience, and a vision of what your piece could be. We often hear about heirloom pieces of furniture, or antiques that have been recently purchased, with a desire to restore them. We hear about disasters from nail polish, water rings, or just wear and tear form years of use. Ultimately, the conversation usually ends in "how can I restore it", or "is it worth fixing up?"

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Global Facility Services offers such services as touch-up, repairs, French polish, refinish, desk tops repair, touch up and spot repair, water rings on your furniture, cigarette burns, heat marks or complete refinishing in your office or in our shop

  • Furniture repair or refinishing work can be done on site by master finishers
  • Experience is essential to our success. For over 30 years we have been finishing, refinishing & repairing office furniture.
  • At Global Facility Services, we take furniture restoration to heart. We’re passionate about our vocation, and our commitment to excellence is expressed in everything we do.
Servicing the the whole of the Eastern Suburbs